Paris Hilton Style Handbags

What does the ‘Paris Hilton style’ remind youof? Hilton Hotels? Or the homemade Paris Hilton sex video? One thing is for sure. The video brought Paris Hilton extensive media exposure in 2003. It  was released just before the premiere of her TV show and then she started modelling, acting and singing which she followed up by launching a clothing line named after herself – Paris Hilton. She has a shoe line, Paris Hilton Footwear and five fragrances, Just Me, Heiress, Can Can and Fairy Dust. Paris Hilton designed handbags for Samantha Thavasa and pet clothes for Little Lily by Paris Hilton. So, she is definitely not a dummy but rather a smart fashion insider. Have a look at our collection of Paris Hilton style handbags.

Paris Hilton Gold HandbagParis Hilton Purple HandbagParis Hilton Orange Handbag

Paris Hilton Style Handbags Are Brand Handbags

Flexible and creativity are notes for Paris Hilton style handbags, and Paris Hilton is frequently spotted carrying handbags by Fendi, Balenciaga, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada. For shopping, she would match a Fendi blue handbag, a blue patterned dress and a blue cardigan, presenting a brisk feeling. For clubbing, she would pair a patent Fendi black handbag with a white satin belted dress, giving off a sexy impression. To make a sports outfit cute and girly, she would take a Louis Vuitton cherry handbag. Unfortunately, she once she came up with an ugly mix of a Louis Vuitton monogram shoulder bag, a giraffe patterned top and a letter graffiti hoodie – ouch.

Paris Hilton Metallic HandbagParis Hilton Metallic Clutch BagParis Hilton Louis Vuitton Shoulder Bag

Paris Hilton Style Handbags Are Shiny and Blazing

As a cheeky and high-profiled personality, Paris Hilton style handbags are always blazing. She likes gold, silver, diamond and metallic handbags to complete her hip-hop outfits. Her loud punk handbags are particularly gorgeous. She also fancies orange handbags, pink handbags and purple traveller bags. I really appreciate Paris Hilton’s oversized corsage handbag because it fits her naughty characteristics perfectly.

I think Paris Hilton is a fake Barbie girl with ugly Chihuahuas. She was in jail for drink driving and and had her driving licence suspended. She has also had plenty of fights with Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. Nontheless, fahionistas including myself still love the excellent Paris Hilton style handbags.

Paris Hilton Fendi Blue HandbagParis Hilton Fendi Black HandbagParis Hilton Grey Handbag

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