Handbag Accessories – Saving Grace

Don’t tell me that you never had an experience like this: you get glamorously dressed up to attend a fab party only to find someone else carrying the same handbag as your precious! Don’t panic. I’m going to share a story with you about how to use handbag accessories that will save grace.

You can:

a. Immediately hide your handbag in the cloakroom and then fume all night.
b. Hold your handbag awkwardly and return home at the end of the night only to hide that blasted handbag in your closet so deep down in the darkest corner that you will be sure never to contemplate ever bringing it out again.
c. Use a handbag accessory proudly to defeat your enemy!

handbag-accessories-gucci-scarf-bagHandbag accessories, such as silk scarves, key holder wallets and pouch bags are not only magic items to make your look more unique but during the economic downturn they also enable you to maintain a luxurious look whilst updating your style without going bankrupt.

Actually it happens frequently that members of a group buy same handbags because they have a similar taste for fashion. I remember the time that I attended a college classmate’s wedding. We all studied and lived in a dorm together for years, so we became very intimate friends. It is probably for this reason that we all have similar tastes in handbags and designer clothes. As soon as the party started, I noticed one of my best friends was carrying the same handbag as me. I went up to her and said: ‘Wow, your handbag is gorgeous!’ to which she replied: ‘Yeah, and yours is even hotter!’ We both laughed. Needless to say, the situation was a little embarrassing. Cue an accessory. I pulled out my silk scarf and tied it to my bag handbag-accessories-michael-kors-scarf-bagin a pretty bow. My friend took out her key holder wallet and hung it on her bag. With accessories our handbags were no longer identical but rather, more charming and unique.

People create a hit look by matching their extraordinary personalities with exciting mainstream fashion trends. Sometimes bumping into people with the same handbags will be unavoidable, so don’t worry if this happens to you. Whip out some handbag accessories to add quick and personalized sparkle to your handbags that will keep everyone happy all year-round!

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