Only time will tell. But it does lead one to think, now that Karl has announced that she is perfect because she is so much fun, does this mean that his new range of handbags will be aimed at a new, younger demographic? And If so, will the new target market mean a new target price tag? Let’s face it, it’s not like Chanel bags are cheap and with the recession all over us at the moment, might he reconsider his decission not to reduce his prices despite the economic downturn? It’s not like teenagers have a spare couple of grand pocket money to run out and pick up that Lily Allen Chanel handbag they just saw in ‘Teen Mag’ now is it! Well, not most teenagers anyway…

In any case, we wait in anticipation for the new range that should be ‘all the rage’, especially now that Lily Allen is in the spotlight, funking-up the fashion sensation that is Chanel!

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