8 All-Natural Collagen Eye Masks

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8 All-Natural Collagen Eye Masks

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400 years in the making, this luxurious ‘full-cover’ eye treatment refreshes dark tired eyes & decongests puffiness, while treating cutaneous ageing to promote smoother, younger-looking skin.

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Reduce Fine Lines, Puffiness & Dark Eyes

This 8-pack box of herbal rejuvenating eye masks are made of only the finest quality herbal ingredients. Unlike most other eye mask treatments, this collagen eye mask covers the entire eye and under-eye, not just the under-eye. With just one treatment, your eyes will feel refreshed and collagen revitalized. These are especially useful for those who are heavy computer users, spend a lot of time reading or just don’t get enough time for that beauty sleep. Wear a pair of these eye pads each night for just one week and you’ll understand why this modern treasure of the orient, using traditional minerals, are in such huge demand. You won’t find these anywhere else.

Fine Line & Dark Circle Relief by Herbal Experts

The manufacturers of these silky-smooth, ‘good-as-gold’ Pretale eye masks, Mayinglong were established in 1582. With a history of over 400 years, it is considered one of China’s most famous and time-honored herbal medicine brands, revered around the world.

Based in Shanghai with an IPO listed in the top 500 most valuable Chinese brands, these eye masks are made using a blend of long-established herbal ingredients that have been cultivated over the centuries.

We challenge you to wear a pair each night for just one week. You’ll be amazed at the difference and unlike many other eye masks, these won’t temporarily puff your skin up for a quick 1 day fix; these are a natural, long-term remedy that when used, will help to keep your eyes fresh and youthful without harming your skin.

All Natural & Herbal Collagen-Boosting Eye Mask Ingredients

Borneol (Bing Pian)
Calamine Powder
Pearl Powder
Amber Powder
Calculus Bovis (Nu Huang)
Sodium Borate (Borax)
Borneol (Bing Pian)

Bing Pian is a highly prized and extremely rare herb that has been used by the Chinese for generations, carrying with it many therapeutic effects. In this case it us used for improving eye sight, clear stagnated fire, relieve swelling and pain.

Calamine Powder

Calamine is on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines and is greatly useful for treating conditions such as sunburn, rashes and insect bites, as it has antiseptic properties.

Pearl Powder

Pearl powder has a long history of use in face and body powders. Thanks to it’s lustrous shine, it has remained one of the key cosmetic looks employed to this date, from face powder to skin creams and nail varnish. When applied to the skin it is said to tone and rejuvenate complexion, heal blemishes, minimize large pores and reduce redness.

Amber Powder

Amber Powder is included in ointment and as a facial peeling and body peeling basic ingredient. Fine amber powder is extremely soft and when massaged into the skin, causes a static electricity build-up which is said to be great for stimulating blood flow and reducing wrinkles.

Calculus Bovis (Nu Huang)

Nu Huang is a bitter, sweet and cool herb that has many applications, amongst which include the ability to relieve toxicity, clear heat and significantly inhibit the production of metalloproteinase – a tissue regeneration inhibitor.

Sodium Borate (Borax)

Sodium Borate is widely used in the cosmetic industry as an emulsifier, cleansing and buffering agent. It creates an antiseptic solution when mixed with small amounts of water, which prevents microbial growth and also helps to better bind water with oils, eliminating the need for chemically created binding agents.


Muscat, often recognised for it’s sweet floral aroma when in wine, reduces skin redness, acne and premature ageing.


Place one eye mask gel onto each eye, making sure that the entire eye as well as the under-eye is covered by the eye mask gel. You can keep the eye masks on for as long as they remain moist.

We recommend leaving the mask on for at least 20 minutes each day for the first week and then every 3 days thereafter, if maintenance is required.

Wearing Pretail Eye Mask Close-Up

Pro Tip:

Keep the eye masks in your refrigerator and use them cold. This will increase their effectiveness in tightening your skin and refreshing the eyes.

Some people can have allergies to natural herbs; if so, if you feel any irritation after using this product, please seek medical advice from your GP.

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Borneol, Calamine Powder, Pearl, Amber, Calculus Bovis,sodium Borate, Lu Sand, Muscat


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1 review for 8 All-Natural Collagen Eye Masks

  1. Xin Wu

    This Medicine company is very famous in China, they are focused on solving the problem of eyes, i use this almost every day, however late i go to sleep, I use this to make me feel refreshed, and the next morning I don’t have big eye bags and panda eyes. I am so happy that i found the place to buy this in UK, thank you!

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