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What Does Your Handbag Say about You?

Guess what your handbag sais about you

What do you usually put in your handbag? A mobile phone, a wallet, keys, cosmetics, stationary and a fashion magazine? Research suggests that your handbags give insight into your personality. Social analyst Eisman Kathryn Eisman spent two years doing qualitative research. She discovered what things ladies would load into a handbag and how those items is relate to personality. ‘Forget looking into a woman’s eyes – if you want to know her secrets, look inside her handbag.’  The book ‘How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag’ depicts fourty personality types categorised into four archetypes. Continue Reading »

Anya Hindmarch - an English Clothing Accessories Designer

Anya Hindmarch

Born in Essex to a self-made man, this girl was educated at New Hall School, a Roman Catholic convent within Chelmsford.Aged Of sixteen Hindmarch had been given an old Gucci handbag by her mother. At that point she is planning to attend in a University, however the bag made her feel so good, and surprisingly , instead of proceeding to College at the aged 18 she proceeded to go to Florence to study Italian. Continue Reading »

Blazing African Fashion 2010

African Trending

This Spring Summer 2010 fashion has been hot for African influences. From beaded necklaces to tropical bikinis to hoodia diet pills – African influences are moving into Europe with bold prints which appeared on catwalks. The colours are an African palette of big-sky blue, burnt orange, earth brown and leaf green. Like tribal jewellery, European shoes and accessories are brandishing shiny earth toned beads. Continue Reading »

Black Handbags Empower Career Life

black chic2 Black Handbags Empower Career Life

Who would you consider to be a leader in your mind? The previous British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher or perhaps the ‘Harry Potter’ billionaire writer J. K. Rowling? For a fashionista like me, designers Coco Chanel and Jil Sander can be accredited with being among the leaders; they revolutionized the fashion industry with the creation of their ultra innovative garments. Noticeably, a common characteristic is that they all indulge in their use of black. Continue Reading »

How to Clean a Fabric Handbag

How to Clean a Fabric Hand Bag

SOS! Dust and stains catch your lovely fabric handbag as soon as you drop it in a wardrobe. Just as well, we are here to provide you tips to clean canvas, duffel, silk, wool and cloth, so you can easily kick out the unwelcomed guests on your fabric handbag.

To get rid of dust on a canvas handbag and a duffel handbag, you need only a damp towel to gently wipe its surface. If stains already stick to your canvas handbag or duffel handbag, you can use a damp towel soaked in gentle soap liquid to clean the stains. Continue Reading »

Kate Moss Says Farewell to Top Shop

So it’s all happening this week - it’s official, Kate Moss will be leaving Top Shop after her fourteenth collection. It seems that Sir Green’s daughter will be joining the company and is planning to eventually design her own collection. Kate looked wonderful in her wide-brimed hat and her tailerd tight fiting jacket. Continue Reading »

How to Clean a Leather Handbag

 How to Clean a Leather Handbaghow to clean a leather handbag fendi handbag How to Clean a Leather Handbaghow to clean a leather handbag tods handbag How to Clean a Leather Handbag

Emergency! If stains, mildew and cracking attack your leather handbag, what are you supposed to do? Don’t panic. Follow our tips below to take care of your precious leather handbag. Continue Reading »

How to Spot a Fake Chanel Handbag

Fake Chanel HandbagsChanel Handbag

As one of the top ‘luxury handbag’ brand manufacturers, Chanel is constantly at war with counterfeiters and despite having spokesmodels such as Catherine Deneuve, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tatou and Marilyn Monroe, they still suffer greatly from the general public’s lack of knowledge on how to detect a fake. Here are our guidelines that can help you to become more aware of how to spot a ‘fake’ or otherwise known as ‘replica’ Chanel handbag. Continue Reading »

Leather Wallet Art of War

Xena - Warrior Princess

The first person sits by you, and when you get off the train, your leather wallet is gone. The second person queues behind you, and when you check out at the counter, your leather wallet is gone. The third person bumps into you, and when you scream ‘Thief!’, do you think your leather wallet is still safe? It is shame that you bleed for the stolen money, but the most painful stab is that you lose your travel tickets, ID cards, member cards, credit cards and your favourite off-market leather wallet. The next things that you have to do are phone calls, explaining the disaster, cutting old cards, preparing documents, applying for new cards and never finding a same leather wallet again. So, check out the tips below to defend for yourself. Continue Reading »

Heidi Klum Fashion Bag Hunt

Heidi Klum Judith Leiber Clutch BagHeidi Klum Black HandbagHeidi Klum Kid Leni Chain Handbag

How awful for celebrity Heidi Klum to have to announce her pregnancy whilst her unborn child’s father was getting it on with another woman, but that’s life I guess. She created a lovely fashion style, married Seal and already has two other childen. Heidi Klum always dresses smart in her Emmy-Awarded TV show ‘Project Runway’ and ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’. She endorsed lots of brands, such as  H&M, McDonald’s and Volkswagen, and designed jewelry for Mouawad, shoes for Birkenstock, lingerie The Body and cosmetics Very Sexy Makeup for Victoria’s Secret, making her the world’s top-earning model. If you would like to improve your taste for fashion, do not miss our Heidi Klum fashion bag collection. Continue Reading »

Lily ‘Chanel Handbags’ Allen - Everything’s Just Wonderful!

lily allen chanel handbags 1 198x300 Lily Chanel Handbags Allen   Everythings Just Wonderful!lily allen chanel handbags 2 198x300 Lily Chanel Handbags Allen   Everythings Just Wonderful!lily allen chanel handbags1 189x300 Lily Chanel Handbags Allen   Everythings Just Wonderful!

Karl Lagerfeld has just picked Lily Allen to be the new face of Chanel. Not surprising, as Lily is often spotted at his events right up there in front row seats. Following in the footsteps of Mick Jagger’s ex Jerry Hall, Lily must be more than just a little nervous; not to mention the fact that Nicole Kidman and Keira Knightley have also starred in adverts for Chanel. Continue Reading »

Met Ball 2009 Red Carpet Gowns

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs hosted the biggest fashion night, Met Ball 2009 in New York, celebrating the annual exhibition of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum, entitled ‘Model and Muse: Embodying Fashion’. It showcases from the earliest relationships between designers and models at Dior to the supermodel boom in the 1990s and the 2000’s. Rumors had been bubbling for ages about who would attend Met Ball and who-would-wear-what to impress the red carpet of the Met Ball. Hmm, I must say that some celebrities deserve the A-list title but others definitely fell into the blacklist.
Continue Reading »

Amy Winehouse Fashion Handbags

Amy Winehouse Louis Vuitton HandbagAmy Winehouse White BagAmy Winehouse Beaded Handbag

It is surprising that Amy Winehouse, with her masculine face is granted position of ‘fashion idol’. Her attraction comes mostly through her talented music albums ‘Frank’ and ‘Back to Black’, and the Amy Winehouse fashion spreads a fever across haute couture and high streets. The classic Amy Winehouse look is a beehive hairstyle, hook eye makeup, casual outfits and a playful handbag. Sometimes her carefree style gets a little crazy as she once wore only a bra and jeans whilst standing outside in the early morning. In fact, fashionistas don’t mind her personal problems, such as drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorder, self-harm and psychological issues, but rather support this Grammy Award winner, allowing her to continue showing off her distinctive Amy Winehouse fashion style via her outfits and handbags. Continue Reading »

Paris Hilton Style Handbags

Paris Hilton Metallic HandbagParis Hilton Metallic Clutch BagParis Hilton Louis Vuitton Shoulder Bag

What does the ‘Paris Hilton style’ remind youof? Hilton Hotels? Or the homemade Paris Hilton sex video? One thing is for sure. The video brought Paris Hilton extensive media exposure in 2003. It  was released just before the premiere of her TV show and then she started modelling, acting and singing which she followed up by launching a clothing line named after herself - Paris Hilton. She has a shoe line, Paris Hilton Footwear and five fragrances, Just Me, Heiress, Can Can and Fairy Dust. Paris Hilton designed handbags for Samantha Thavasa and pet clothes for Little Lily by Paris Hilton. So, she is definitely not a dummy but rather a smart fashion insider. Have a look at our collection of Paris Hilton style handbags. Continue Reading »

How to Save Money on Designer Bags

Save Pounds on Designer BagsSave Moneysave money on designer bags jar How to Save Money on Designer Bags

Too many handbags you desire, too little money in the bank? Don’t worry, here are some tips that can save you money when shopping for those ever so coveted designer bags.

Shop Discounted Designer Bags

It is the best way to buy your coveted designer bags at a pleasing price. As luxury brands’ flagship stores do not post gaudy promotion advertisements, you had better stop by the stores everyday, or, check information for sales with a click on the internet. Sign up on the brands’ official websites and affiliated websites for alert emails to get the latest discount news and coupon codes. Continue Reading »

Sex and the City Bags

celebrity handbag sex and the city 03 Sex and the City Bagscelebrity handbag sex and the city 04 Sex and the City Bags

Everyone has their own personality be it Bright-eyed and innocent, sassy and intriguing, egotistical and autocratic, sexy and confident; and the list goes on. In Sex and the City we are blessed with a healthy portion of exactly what it says on the tin. Plenty of Sex, delivered in a fashion forward, big if lonely city. As a character in the show or even the movie, what Sex & the City bag would you carry? As Sex & the City fashion intrigues fashionistas and feminists all over the world, what kind of handbags do the characters in the show carry? Continue Reading »

Penelope Cruz Style Handbags

Penelope Cruz Monica Cruz Blue HandbagPenelope Cruz Black HandbagPenelope Cruz Brown Shoulder Bag

Penelope Cruz is a super sexy fashion idol, and the Penelope Cruz style hooks numerous fashionistas including myself. She endorses L’Oreal as well as Mango and even designed a collection for Mango with her much-alike sister Monica Cruz who also happens to be a Mango model. Penelope Cruz shows posh fashion styles in films ‘Live Flesh’, ‘All about My Mother’, ‘Volver’. ‘Blow’, ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘Sahara’ and ‘Vicky Christina Barcelona’. Her gowns and clutch bags became hits once hitting red carpets of the Golden Globe Awards, the BAFTA Awards, the Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Awards. No wonder she could hang with hunks Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, Josh Hartnett and Javier Bardem. So, check the Penelope Cruz style handbags right here and get fashion-forward. Continue Reading »

Gwen Stefani Fashion Bags

Gwen Stefani Yellow HandbagGwen Stefani Pattern HandbagGwen Stefani Shimmer Clutch BagGwen Stefani Black Clutch Bag

Gwen Stefani is a hip-hop and rock n’ roll fashion icon. As early as when she sung with her band No Doubt, her styling in their blockbuster videos, such as ‘Just a Girl’, ‘Spiderwebs’ and ‘Don’t Speak’, brought about storms of excitement among fashionistas. In Gwen Stefani’s solo music videos, such as ‘What you waiting for’, ‘Rich Girl’, ‘Hollaback Girl’, ‘Wind It up’ and ‘The Sweet Escape’, she also showed an extraordinary taste for fashion. Continue Reading »

Women’s Handbag Quiz for Stylistas

Grace Kelly Princess of MonacoDiana Princess of WalesJane Birkin

Are you a fan of ‘Project Runway’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’? I love these TV competition programmes because I enjoy seeing designers and models playing magic to fawn on sarcastic judges. When I discovered another TV competition programme ‘Stylista’, I was so surprised and became its loyal follower immediately. ‘Stylista’ selects the best editor among the competitors and offers a prize of a one-year contract with the ELLE magazine junior editor. So, here is a quiz on general knowledge related to a women’s handbag. Do you want to work for the top magazine like the ‘Stylista’ winner? Answer the questions below, and see how much you really know! Continue Reading »

Ladies Bags Now and Then

When did the first bag appear in history? As we understand it, it was a pouch worn around a person’s waist as depicted by Egyptians in the form of hieroglyphics. Today, ladies bags mean a handbag, a tote bag, a shoulder bag, a purse bag, a satchel, a clutch bag and so on and so forth. So, don’t be left behind. Check out the evolution of ladies bags and become a fashion insider! Continue Reading »