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Collaborating Business and Design Skills: Why is it Important?

“I’m a DESIGNER! Why on Earth do I have to study business?”

This is one of the many expression mastered by few designer students, when they first saw the business module included in the design program.

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Do you have a love for fashion?

black chic2 Do you have a love for fashion?Fashion inspires passion. Is it for you?

As you likely already know, many fashion designers start out with simple drawings on paper. Many have the dream of turning their drawings into real pieces of clothing or fashion accessories; therefore, many do so. What is nice about making a living as a fashion designer is that you have a number of different options. Continue Reading »

Fashion Journalism Jobs and their Description

Maybe you remember Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway); an idealist and talented woman who come to New York and land a job as an assistant to the ruthless and cynical Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) or perhaps the character of America Ferrera who starred on the hit TV series Ugly Betty.

These shows provide a good reviews of the in and out of fashion industry. There are fictitious events, however, had been added to strengthen the series and movie that make it more interesting to know how the real workplace would be? Continue Reading »


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