How to Clean a Suede Handbag

Master the art of maintaining suede handbags with our essential guide on cleaning and protecting your cherished suede accessories

TL;DR: To clean a suede handbag, avoid using water and instead use a specialized suede cleaner. Gently wipe off dirt with a soft towel and use a suede or soft brush to remove dust. For stains, use a pencil eraser or white vinegar. Avoid using alkaline cleaning solvents, direct sunlight, and rinsing with water after using vinegar. Apply a suede protector to minimize damage.

Mayday! One of your suede handbags gets dirt and stains! Just check out our tips to help you getting rid of that major annoyance!

First of all, avoid using water to clean your suede handbag, because water will shrink suede and change the shape of the handbag. Rather, a specialized suede cleaner will work well. Use the liquid or spray on your suede handbag, leave it for 15 minutes and wipe the dirt off with a dry soft towel.

To clean out the dust, you can use a specialized suede brush or an ordinary soft brush. Be careful not to use a hard brush that will abrade the surface of the suede. Alternatively, you can clean stains on your suede handbag with a pencil eraser.  Nevertheless, no matter how stubborn a stain is, you should never touch alkaline cleaning solvents such as soaps or wet wipes as they may destroy the colour of your suede handbag.

If you can tolerate the smell of vinegar, you can pour some white vinegar on the stains plaguing your suede handbag. Attention! It is not red vinegar! Why the smell matters is because you cannot use water to rinse vinegar after you use it. You can leave your suede handbag in a ventilated shadowed area for a couple of days until the smell of vinegar goes away. You should certainly not put your suede handbag under the sun and think it helpful to vaporize the smell. What sunshine does is the same as what water does, which is to shrink the suede, and, even worse, to ruin the colour of the suede.

A suede handbags are rarely pre-treated when they reache a shop or arrive at your door. The reason is to maintain the original colour and texture of the fabric. So, once you get your coveted suede handbag, you need to use a suede protector on it to minimize the harm of dust and stains.


  1. Use a Specialized Suede Cleaner: Apply a liquid or spray suede cleaner on the handbag, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then gently wipe off the dirt with a dry, soft towel.
  2. Brush with a Suede or Soft Brush: To remove dust, gently brush the handbag with a specialized suede brush or a soft brush.
  3. Use a Pencil Eraser for Stains: For stain removal, gently rub a pencil eraser on the affected areas.
  4. Try White Vinegar for Stubborn Stains: Apply white vinegar (not red vinegar) to tough stains. After application, leave the handbag in a ventilated, shaded area until the vinegar smell dissipates.
  5. Apply a Suede Protector: Once you acquire your suede handbag, use a suede protector to minimize damage from dust and stains.


  1. Avoid Water: Do not use water to clean the handbag, as it can shrink the suede and alter its shape.
  2. Avoid Hard Brushes: Do not use a hard brush, as it can abrade and damage the suede surface.
  3. Steer Clear of Alkaline Cleaning Solvents: Avoid using soaps, wet wipes, or any alkaline cleaning solvents, which can damage the color of the suede.
  4. Do Not Expose to Sunlight: After treating with vinegar or other methods, do not put the handbag in direct sunlight, as it can shrink the suede and ruin its color.
  5. Do Not Rinse with Water After Vinegar: After using vinegar, do not rinse the handbag with water, as water can damage suede.

And there you have it, fabulous fashionistas and suede enthusiasts! With these easy yet effective tips, you can kiss goodbye to those pesky stains and dirt on your beloved suede handbags. Remember, it’s all about the right techniques and products to keep your suede looking chic and pristine.

But hey, we know every suede story is unique, and we’re super excited to hear yours! Have you tried any of these methods? Maybe you’ve got a secret trick up your sleeve that’s been a game-changer for your suede treasures? Jump into the comments section below and share your experiences, tips, or even those “oops” moments we can all learn from. Your insights could be the magic solution someone else is looking for!

Let’s turn our comment section into a treasure trove of suede-saving wisdom. We can’t wait to read your stories and learn from your suede adventures. Together, let’s keep our stylish suede looking fabulous, come rain or shine! 🌟👜✨

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