How to Spot a Fake Chloe Bag

Due to its reputation and popularity, Chloe has become one of the counterfeiters’ favourites. If you do not want to be cheated into buying a fake, check these tips that may help you spot a fake chloe bag.

A Fake Chloe Bag Will Have Issues With One or All of The Following:


A Chloe handbag is normally priced in the region of £500-£2,000. If a seller offers an unusually cheap Chloe bag, be alarmed. Be very alarmed. Scrutinise it’s authenticity top to toe before parting with your money chasing a make-believe bargain.


The Chloe logo is a simple font trademark without any graphic image. Therefore, if you see a Chloe handbag with a logo of a different font, you can be sure that it’s not the latest chloe style.


Poor stitching is a big  clue when trying to spot a fake Chloe handbag. You’re not supposed to see a loose thread or any missing stitching when it’s an authentic Chloe bag as they demand some of the finest craftsmanship standards.

Handles and hardware

A counterfeiter likes to fool around with the handles and other hardwares; especially that of one of those fake Chloe handbags. They use a lot of plastic wrapps around metallic parts. In point of fact, an authentic Chloe handbag rarely ever uses any plastic wrapps around their handles. The reason why a fake chloe needs plastic wrappers is because it is made of cheap fabrics and metals, and so spoils quickly under piles of fake handbags located at a warehouse kept in terrible condition. So, don’t forget to closely examine the chloe hardware as it should have a glossy, smooth finish.

Dust bag

Never trust a Chloe handbag dust bag with the synonymous, because even a fake Chloe handbag is packed with a dust bag of pretty good quality. On the other hand, if a Chloe handbag comes with a dust bag made of fragile cotton or paper, it is definitely fake. Besides, an expert can detect a fake Chloe handbag just by the smell of its dust bag. Heaven knows why an authentic Chloe handbag smells toxic.

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