What Does Your Handbag Say about You?

What do you usually put in your handbag? A mobile phone, a wallet, keys, cosmetics, stationary and a fashion magazine?

What do you usually put in your handbag? A mobile phone, a wallet, keys, cosmetics, stationary and a fashion magazine? Research suggests that your handbags give insight into your personality. Social analyst Eisman Kathryn Eisman spent two years doing qualitative research. She discovered what things ladies would load into a handbag and how those items is relate to personality. ‘Forget looking into a woman’s eyes – if you want to know her secrets, look inside her handbag.’  The book ‘How to Tell a Woman by Her Handbag’ depicts fourty personality types categorised into four archetypes.


This type of person carries plasters to mints and loves to share her things with others. Sentimental trinkets also play an important role in her handbag, reminding her of her beloved family and friends. Her bag may sometimes get a little wild though.


This kind of person tends to fill her handbag with a random variety of items and is often ‘bottomless pit of organised chaos’. Noticeably, her handbag will evolve, surprising you every time.


Obviously, this sort of person is the most organized among the four archetypes. She likes to make her handbag efficient and ready at all times and may even carry bathroom bits and bobs like a toothbrush, for example.


This person is similar to the prepared one in keeping everything in a handbag neat and tidy, but the difference is that she dramaticallydecreases the number of items in her bag to the the minimum. An unnecessary item would only mean adding additional and unnecessary weight to her handbag.

Other researchers have found more unusual items in a handbag such as lingerie, dolls and mugs. A high percentage of ladies prefer practical and spacious handbags and believe that there is an intimacy between them and their gorgeous handbags. As a result, they feel uncomfortable if someone peeps inside her shoulder companion. Now, open up your own handbag and see which archetype you fit.

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