It is widely believed that a handbag is a female’s statement of personality and emotion. In practical sense, a handbag is a woman’s pleasure measure representing her fashion taste, financial prosterity and of course, social status. However, fashionistas tend to forget that their handbag is similar to haute couture clothing or lingerie in the sense that it will aid one to perfect one’s silhouette. If you fancy looking as radiant as a supermodel or celebrity, the following handbag for my figure guideline will help make sure that you choose the handbag that fits the bill:

Picking the Right Colour Handbag

Colour is a serious matter and related to a woman’s complexion. If you have pale skin, avoid handbags with blazing colours that will mute your spirit; instead go for softer coloured handbags perhaps with subtle texture. If you like sunshine and have dark skin, your best company on the beach will be a symmetrical patterned handbag. An important thing to remember is that you should avoid using handbags that are a similar colour to that of your skin as this will increase your volume and make you fatter.

Size Matters

Opt for the size of handbag that matches to your figure. It is not very pleasing to the eye when a petite lady carries a giant handbag or, inversly, when a big lady carries with her a tiny handbag. Additionally every time you purchase a handbag, remember to adjust its strap or handle; the best length will mean sitting it under the arm at the breast level and close to mid-torso thus minimizing the waist size. If the handbag doesn’t fit your figure, let it go.

Handbag Shape Affects Your Figure

Similarly, the shape of a handbag should not counter-balance your body shape. If you are a petite lady, using a posh round handbag will refine your exquisite image. If you carry a few extra pounds, carrying an edgyer, rectangular handbag that can divert focus to your stronger image.

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