The ‘It Bag’ is a colloquial term which popped into the fashion industry back in the nineties. An It Bag describes an exclusive handbag at the high-end, designer end of the spectrum which will usually costs you a considerable amount of time and money to acquire. An It Bag is always ‘limited edition’ so as to show-off one’s uniqueness and superiority and its most vigorous marketing outlets are almost always through endorsements that celebrities make in wearing them whilst parading for the paparazzi brigades. Here are ‘It Bag’ profiles that every fashionista must be up to speed with:

#1 It bag: Alexander McQueen Novak

Shape: trapezoid
Focus: panels crossing over a loop in the body
Detail: a twister of weaved leather
Fans: Christina Aguilera, P!nk etc.

#2 It bag: Chloe Paddington

Shape: trapezoid
Focus: at the top a chunky padlock wrapped by a leather panel
Detail: handles fixed by teardrop pieces, a cinched key and side buckles
Fans: Mischa Barton, Halle Barry etc.

#3 It bag: Chanel 2.55

Shape: rectangle
Focus: entire quilted leather
Detail: a metal logo and a fusion chain of metal and leather
Fans: Milla Jovovich, Claudia Schiffer etc.

#4 It bag: YSL Muse

Shape: trapezoid
Focus: a tubular twister at the top
Detail: side loops and a hangtag
Fans: Kate Moss, Jessica Alba etc.

#5 It bag: Marc Jacobs Stam

Shape: hexagon
Focus: a chunky chain crossing over the body
Detail: a centre coarse zipper attached with leather straps, a twister and quilted leather
Fans: Jessica Stam, Hilary Duff etc.

#6 It bag: Louis Vuitton Monogram Speedy 30

Shape: rectangle
Focus: entire monogram
Detail: handles fixed by pentagon pieces, square loops and a side padlock
Fans: Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton etc.

#7 It bag: Balenciaga City Motorcycle

Shape: rectangle
Focus: a coarse zipper at the centre
Detail: paralleled studs, bottom buckles and ultra long straps
Fans: Sarah Jessica Parker, Mandy Moore etc.

#8 It bag: Hermes Birkin

Shape: rectangle
Focus:a belt crossing over handles and the covering piece
Detail: a padlock with a metal tag
Fans: Anna Kournikova, Martha Stewart etc.

#9 It bag: Prada Gauffre

Shape: rectangle
Focus: entire pleated leather
Detail: paralleled buckles, an auxiliary shoulder strap and a hangtag
Fans: Victoria Beckham, Sarah Michelle Gellar etc.

#10 It bag: Fendi Spy

Shape: equestrian
Focus: a weaved leather tubular panel at the centre
Detail: a clip frame, weaved leather handles with small spikes
Fans: Gwen Stefani, Sharon Osborne etc.

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