When you say ‘Wow! I have never seen such a cool handbag, where did you get it?’, the most disappointing answer will often be ‘sorry, it’s a vintage handbag.’ meaning that there is absolutely no way that you could ever buy that same handbag, even if you were willing to spend the earth. So, of course, a quality vintage handbag can be proud. It’s a priceless artefact that oozes with character generation after generation.

Vintage handbag styles

Choosing a vintage handbag from a boutique’s collection is as exciting as entering the Sistine Chapel; it’s handbag history. You can easily find a Georgian handbag, a Victorian handbag, an Art Nouveau handbag, an Edwardian handbag or even a glam Art Deco handbag. Whatever type of vintage handbag you pick up, it promises a unique and à la mode appearance.

Vintage handbag prices

The price of a vintage handbag can be as reasonable as that of those every-day bags you might see in an average every day high street handbag shop and as incredibly valuable as that of the finest jewellery. Factors include the condition of the vintage handbag, the age of the vintage handbag, the popularity of its designer and the delicacy of its craftsmanship. Use your sharp eyesight and unique taste when you invest a vintage handbag. You will not only get recognition for having a fashion-forward reputation but your vintage bag will also gain in value over the years.

Vintage handbag materials

A vintage handbag is never out of time, but time will pay it’s toll on a vintage handbag, however fine the craftsmanship. It is better that you are diligent about what material the vintage handbag is made of just as much as how timeless the designis. Canvas or duffel are less durable than leather or suede but more sustainable than wool, cotton or cloth.

Checking a vintage handbag’s credibility

Before you buy a vintage handbag, you need to check the credibility of the seller or the shop. It is definitely adviseable that you get feedback on auction websites and/or relevant information from reputable forums or blogs to ensure that your vintage handbag is worthy. The right vintage handbag will bring you pride, glamour and an ever so envious entourage.

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