Do all luxury brands like celebrities to endorse their handbags? Certainly not. If a notorious and outdated celebrity is spotted carrying a brand handbag, s/he will terminate the brand. Here is the latest research to show you what brand handbags have become victims and who those celebrity culprits are.

Chanel v.s. Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen

The ugly ducking billionaire twins started acting when they were infants, and since then they have disgusted audiences. I can hardly believe that they flop around fabulous fashion shows and luxuriant nightclubs with melted makeup, wet hair and crunched smiles. Whatever brand handbags they carry, they stain the brand.

Marc Jacobs v.s. Dita von Teese

This striptease actress is a bowl of expired sour cream. She is narcissistic, the way in which she tries to maintain her outmoded makeup and outfit and hypnotizes herself as a sexy icon. In fact, brand handbags endorsed by her are definitely turn-offs.

Louis Vuitton v.s. Agyness Deyn

This over-praised model has a dull face and failed to copy Kate Moss’s boyish style. She is unsexy, uncreative and unpleasing and has nothing more than her trimmed hair to brag about. Even if she becomes a transgender, she is lukewarm. Any brand that uses her for celebrity endorsement will be blocked by fashionistas.

Chloe v.s. Lindsay Lohan

This lousy actress is notorious for clubbing, fighting and driving under influences of drugs and alcohol. Not to mention her crappy acting in films. She is not only box-office poison but also brand handbag poison.

Dior v.s. Sienna Miller

This bimbo actress’s facial features are so unrecognizable that I have to read captions every time I see her to confirm her identity. She flashes in small films and whirls on scandals and marital affairs. Of course, she is on the blacklist of brand handbags.

Gucci v.s. Jennifer Lopez

This singer/actress lacks talents and training yet remains incredibly arrogant. Her gaudy presentations frequently shock audiences, and brand handbags in her hands cannot escape the fate of ruine.

Ribecca Minkoff v.s. Jessica Simpson

This outdated singer prefers walking back and forth around paparazzi to managing her career. She constantly stuffs her fat leggs in high-waist jeans, and the ridiculous photos destroys brand handbags accompanied by her.

Fendi v.s. Keira Knightley

This crappy actress has dinosaur teeth that will rip any brand handbag to shreds, and her performance in films is horrible.

Hermes v.s. Kelly Osbourne

The statement that chubby is sexy is not for this reality show actress. Heavy makeup makes her old and silly, and quirky outfits drag her away from the orbit of big brand handbags.

Balenciaga v.s. Fergie

This hip-hop singer has a fergalicious voice but not a delicious silhouette. How can she sit on the fashion front seat? She petrifies me with her pigtails, midriffs and miniskirts, and her masculine face makes her look like a drag queen. So, she abuses her favourite brands’ handbags to a certain degree.

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