It is surprising that Amy Winehouse, with her masculine face is granted position of ‘fashion idol’. Her attraction comes mostly through her talented music albums ‘Frank’ and ‘Back to Black’, and the Amy Winehouse fashion spreads a fever across haute couture and high streets. The classic Amy Winehouse look is a beehive hairstyle, hook eye makeup, casual outfits and a playful handbag. Sometimes her carefree style gets a little crazy as she once wore only a bra and jeans whilst standing outside in the early morning. In fact, fashionistas don’t mind her personal problems, such as drug and alcohol abuse, eating disorder, self-harm and psychological issues, but rather support this Grammy Award winner, allowing her to continue showing off her distinctive Amy Winehouse fashion style via her outfits and handbags.

Amy Winehouse Handbags Are Casual

Different from her stage costume, Amy Winehouse’s daily outfits are casual. She would take a simple white handbag to pair a tank-top and jeans and reveal a little bit of her dotted bra shoulder straps, giving off a fresh & hot impression. I quite like her holiday style, the way that she teams a white handbag with a red top, denim hotpants and cream ballerina. But I am disgusted every time she wears a head scarf. She might look fine to match a pink traveller bag, a pink sports coat and acid-washed jeans, but her outdated floral head scarves really shocks me. One time, she carried a green handbag and wore a boring grey top, dull grey jeans and a hideous patterned head scarf as if she walked out of a hair salon an hour too soon.

Amy Winehouse Handbags are Cute & Playful

The best example of the Amy Winehouse fashion style is when she wore a yellow gown and red earrings with a cute red heart clutch bag in hand. It successfully highlighted her beehive hairstyle, arm tattoos and rocking femininity. Her presentation of a beige cardigan, gold accessories, orange nail polish and a brown beaded handbag is also good, appart from her dodgy blonde hair and head scarves. As for her playful silhouette, she fulfills it with a black leather handbag, a black belted dress, a checked tie and black gloves.

Amy Winehouse is not a hottie, but the Amy Winehouse fashion style is boiling. No wonder she could inspire Karl Lagerfeld to design a seasonal collection for Chanel. So, take an Amy Winehouse fashion bag and get high-profiled all year round.

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