So it’s all happening this week – it’s official, Kate Moss will be leaving Top Shop after her fourteenth collection. It seems that Sir Green’s daughter will be joining the company and is planning to eventually design her own collection. Kate looked wonderful in her wide-brimmed hat and her tailored tight fitting jacket.

Kate started designing for Top Shop three years ago. A lot of her earlier work was a little racy and a bit trashy, but in the last few years especial the last collection with the long leaf printed floaty long dress.

Kate Moss has worked for Burberry, Stella McCartney, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Missoni and lots of other designers and I’m sure when she leaves Top Shop her calendar will be full. Sir Green has been like a father to her and his daughter has been known to help her into a taxi or two after some of those fashion party extravaganzas. Kate has been quite controversial in the past and has been sacked for her drug taking, but Sir Green has always helped her nevertheless. Kate has been and is one of Englands greatest models.

Anya Hindmarch – an English Clothing Accessories Designer
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