How to Clean a Fabric Handbag

SOS! Dust and stains catch your lovely fabric handbag as soon as you drop it in a wardrobe. Just as well, we are here to provide you tips to clean canvas, duffel, silk, wool and cloth, so you can easily kick out the unwelcomed guests on your fabric handbag.

To get rid of dust on a canvas handbag and a duffel handbag, you need only a damp towel to gently wipe its surface. If stains already stick to your canvas handbag or duffel handbag, you can use a damp towel soaked in gentle soap liquid to clean the stains.

Never use soaps, shampoo and washing liquid with special effects such as cream, shimmer powder and anti-bacterial ingredients. Blot the stains rather than rub them; otherwise, you will spread them. As for solid stains, you can dip a small soft brush in gentle soap liquid to scour them. However, if you use an old toothbrush, make sure that there is no tooth paste left on it. Remember do not put much pressure when you scour stains. You may damage the fabric and make the stained zone more visible.

When dust and stains siege your silk handbag, and wool handbag, a specialized cleaning product will be of great help. The first step is to test the cleaner in a hidden part of your handbag. If it is fine, move on to the second step. Sponge the cleaner on stains with lukewarm water and rinse them by a wet towel. Using hot water is not a good idea as it transforms the stretch of silk and wool. It is crucial to blot the fabric across and down rather than blot the fabric diagonally.

To clean your cloth handbag, you can follow the aforementioned methods. Alternatively, if the cloth is washable, you can just throw your cloth handbag into a washing machine and use a general laundry detergent.

Do not leave your cleaned handbag directly under the sun for drying, but, instead, leave it in a ventilated shadowed area for a few days.

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