Who would you consider to be a leader in your mind? The previous British Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher or perhaps the ‘Harry Potter’ billionaire writer J. K. Rowling? For a fashionista like me, designers Coco Chanel and Jil Sander can be accredited with being among the leaders; they revolutionized the fashion industry with the creation of their ultra innovative garments. Noticeably, a common characteristic is that they all indulge in their use of black.

As a representation of intelligence, ambition and celerity-ism, black is undoubtedly the top colour in the fashion industry. For urban professionals, black suits avail courage and confidence in a boardroom, and black handbags are surely the best partner to achieve a successful presentation. To be precise, black handbags load all your documents and digital apparatus for survival, empowering you to make a killing in business. However, not all women have that sharp eye for hunting down those illustrious black handbags and as an assistant to say, a CEO, no one wants to end up being the tragic heroine. Thus, here are a few notes on black handbags.

Canvas black handbag chant yuppie

Coach and Prada show their expertise in the delivery of their black handbags. Beside the impressive Coach shoppers bag and the Prada messenger bag, the Prada Doctor Bag is also a big hit teaming slim rolled handles, top-stitching strap buckles and side leather patchwork.

Leather black handbags agitate punk

As soon as punk is mentioned, all designer brands get boisterous. The Balenciaga biker bag, the Coach shopper bag, the Dooney & Bourke hobo bag, the Fendi spy bag and the Fendi chef bag…and more. The Chloe pouch bag and the Prada moon bag for example, fit a lovely reminiscent silhouette perfectly.

Fabric black handbags flaunt luxury

As the Versace fox fur handbag stuns us, it  must be granted queen in the black handbag kingdom for its velvet and ribbon woven body, snakeskin trimming and braided leather details

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