November 2023 Celebrity Handbag Highlights

Explore the latest handbag trends of 2023 through the lens of celebrity fashion. From Rihanna’s Louis Vuitton pick to Elsa Hosk’s Hermès choice, discover how each icon’s unique style is reflected in their designer handbag selections.

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Rihanna’s Designer Choice: Louis Vuitton Loop Hobo Bag

Rihanna, an icon of bold and trendsetting style, has recently been seen with the Louis Vuitton Loop Hobo Bag. This selection is in line with her penchant for luxury brands, and the Loop Hobo Bag, priced at $2780, epitomizes both luxury and her unique fashion sense. Rihanna’s choice reflects her brand loyalty to Louis Vuitton, a name she’s often associated with, and her affinity for high-end, statement pieces. The bag’s distinctive design complements her daring and avant-garde fashion choices, often characterized by a blend of street-wear and haute couture.

Lisa’s Elegance: Celine Ava Bag

Lisa, the BLACKPINK star known for her chic and sophisticated fashion, has chosen the Celine Ava Bag in Triomphe Canvas and Calfskin, retailing at $1700. Her selection underscores her preference for classic yet contemporary designs. Lisa’s fashion sense often includes a mix of high-end brands with a minimalist aesthetic, and the Celine Ava Bag aligns perfectly with this style. The choice of this bag also signifies a shift from her previous brand choices, highlighting her evolving fashion journey and her inclination towards understated elegance.

Dua Lipa’s Bold Statement: Bottega Veneta Mini Desiree Cross-body Bag

Dua Lipa, celebrated for her bold and edgy style, has opted for the Bottega Veneta Mini Desiree Cross-body Bag, a luxury item priced at $3200. This choice is consistent with her fashion narrative, which often revolves around striking and unconventional designs. Dua Lipa’s brand loyalty to Bottega Veneta is evident, as she frequently incorporates their pieces into her wardrobe, signaling her preference for brands that echo her unique and fearless fashion sense.

Sophie Turner’s Collaboration Choice: LV x YK Speedy Bandoulière 20

Sophie Turner, an embodiment of modern elegance, has been seen with the LV x YK Speedy Bandoulière 20, priced at $2570. This bag represents a blend of Louis Vuitton’s timeless design with a contemporary twist, resonating with Sophie’s personal style that often balances classic and modern elements. Her selection of this collaboration piece also indicates her willingness to embrace new fashion narratives while staying true to established luxury brands.

Sofia Richie’s Summer Vibe: Prada Raffia Tote Bag

Sofia Richie’s choice of the Prada Raffia Tote Bag, for $1990, reflects her penchant for blending high fashion with a laid-back, Californian style. The bag’s raffia material and tote design align with her often-casual, beach-inspired fashion choices, while still maintaining a touch of luxury. Sofia’s brand fidelity, particularly to Prada, highlights her taste for brands that can seamlessly combine casual elegance with upscale design.

Jisoo’s Classic Elegance: Dior 30 Montaigne Avenue Bag

Jisoo, known for her classic and feminine style, has selected the Dior 30 Montaigne Avenue Bag, standing at $3500. This choice is a testament to her consistent preference for timeless elegance, often choosing pieces that exude a sense of refined sophistication. Her loyalty to Dior showcases her affinity for brands that are synonymous with classic luxury, further solidifying her image as a fashion icon who embraces enduring styles over fleeting trends.

Kate Middleton’s Royal Choice: Mulberry Small Amberley Satchel

Kate Middleton’s selection of the Mulberry Small Amberley Satchel, a more accessible luxury at $1200, aligns with her well-known approach to fashion – elegant yet relatable. Her choice reflects a balance between royal decorum and public accessibility, often opting for pieces that are both stylish and practical. Kate’s consistent brand loyalty to Mulberry underlines her preference for British designers, showcasing her support for local fashion while maintaining her status as a global style icon.

Katie Holmes’ Understated Selection: Toteme T-Lock Top Handle Black

Katie Holmes, recognized for her understated and sophisticated style, has been carrying the Toteme T-Lock Top Handle Black, priced at $1390. This choice aligns with her minimalist yet chic fashion sense, often opting for pieces that are elegant but not overly flashy. Katie’s selection of Toteme, a brand known for its modern and sleek designs, highlights her inclination towards brands that offer refined simplicity, echoing her personal style ethos.

Elsa Hosk’s Luxury Statement: Hermès Mini Kelly 20 Cm Sellier Bag

Elsa Hosk makes a bold fashion statement with the Hermès Mini Kelly 20 Cm Sellier Bag, a high-end luxury item at $12884. This choice underscores her love for iconic and luxurious brands, and the Hermès Kelly bag, in particular, represents a pinnacle of high-fashion status. Elsa’s choice of this extravagant piece aligns with her supermodel persona, often seen embracing the epitome of luxury in both her professional and personal wardrobe choices.

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