Splendid, lavish and amusing are notes for the Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009. We see Vivienne Westwood’s fantastic wrapping skills, and Alexander McQueen’s batik arts. But, alas, John Galliano is too conservative.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood successfully played a wonderful show, flying us to an exciting and avant-garde planet. A fantasy vacation is the theme throughout the collection, and skills of wrapping gifts, such as ties, bows and pleats, are used at will to create sophisticated aesthetics. While the patchwork dresses of cotton, nylon, satin and leather surprise audience, the PVC-meets-chiffon fusion fabric is far more stunning as it fulfills the fabulous transformation of colours and textures at the same time. Furthermore, animal patterns, asymmetrical prints and vintage stripes althogether interpret a happy and relaxing atmosphere.

Alexander McQueen

Inspiring audience with nature, Alexander McQueen once again featured a profuse and spectacular haute couture. Batik skills bring forward dazzling geometrical patterns and natural patterns like bark, waves, flowers, marble, creating a brilliant kaleidoscope vision. Unique collars and statement shoulder pads are flexibly used on the satin peplums, the gossamer one-pieces and the leather sheaths. Most importantly, streamlined cutting finishes the incredible and futuristic looks.

John Galliano

It is shame that John Galliano ran out of creativity and disappointed fashionistas. Compared with his previous collections, this season’s clothes are boring. The cutting is conservative, and the pleats look old-fashioned, not to mention the shocking Queen’s guard styling. Seemingly, John Galliano poured all oil paints on the catwalk but couldn’t find a colour. Just as well, there are some feminine floral printed dresses to differentiate ready-to-wear of high street brands and save the designer’s reputation.

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