If you think fashion models are nothing but creamy puffs, I am afraid you should go back to the Stone Age. Blessed with the pretty look and fabulous figure, supermodels know how to use their brains and have more than a few tricks up her sleeves. Are they genuine beauties, or are they camouflaged bitches? Let’s zoom in on today’s most popular modelling reality shows.

Firstly, let me remind you, the prevailing American TV programme “America’s Next Top Model”. It has become the most rated show since 2003, where numerous competitors fight for a fabulous reward and modelling contract. The hostess and producer, Tyra Banks, who emerged as a model, is now pinned quite firmly as one of the most profitable entertainers on the billboard. My point is this, don’t any of the new-comers ever think about being the girl next-door?. It seems absolute that when you have an angel-like face and yet a demon-like mind, you are walking on the red-carpeted way to victory. Frankly speaking, I am pleased by the irony that models smirk and fawn upon on the stage, and bark, wail and bite one another behind the curtain. We are living in a dog-eat-dog world, aren’t we?

Next I will turn my attention to two bloodless modelling reality shows: “A Model Life With Petra Nemacovac” and “Runway Moms”. The former introduces detailed modelling life, agency and training. The cute young models are more like intimate high school classmates than competitors intending on winning by hook or by crook. Well, I hope the beauty of youth will never become destroyed through socialization. As for the latter show, it is a marvelous feature of pregnant models. Look at these radiant women with buns in their ovens! You know even though you are not a size zero, you are beloved.

Whether you see fashion models as beauties or bitches, it’s not inappropriate to say that they are just trying to fit in a place, just like you and I. 😉

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