African Trending

This Spring Summer 2010 fashion has been hot for African influences. From beaded necklaces to tropical bikinis to hoodia diet pills – African influences are moving into Europe with bold prints which appeared on catwalks. The colours are an African palette of big-sky blue, burnt orange, earth brown and leaf green. Like tribal jewellery, European shoes and accessories are brandishing shiny earth toned beads.
Tropical Jungle Swimsuit

Tropical Jungle Swimwear

Like an African violet blooming from the depth of the jungle, this season is about bold leafy designs. The colours have moved away from 2009’s coral range, evolving into a sunset on the African plains– yellows, golds, oranges, and browns.

Hoodia GordoniiHoodia

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Koko African Bag

Animal Prints

Cheetah, tigers, and zebras are all the rage. Stemming from 1980’s styles, now these animal prints are returning in hot pink and lime green colours. To keep the style modern prints are being featured on silk and lace to give them a lighter summery sheen. Incorporating a bit of neon is a great way to spice up vintage animal print pieces.

When you rock an animal print item, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit in solid colours. This way, the bold statement of your animal print can shine, and doesn’t clash with any other items.

African Head Pieces

Hairstyle ScarfAfrican women are known for incorporating beautiful swaths of fabric into their hair. Often, this fabric works as an anchor from which they balance water on top of their heads. It’s been the fashion inspiration of these trendy styles.

To work this style into a more realistic look for day-to-day wear, try knotting a scarf around pony tail elastic, or incorporating a bit of ribbon into a site plat.

Tribal Shoes

Watch out, these shoes are for a different type of huntress! From beads to natural grasses, these shoes are making statements with their strong colours and rich textures.


Bangles are everywhere, from wide cuffs to narrow bracelets, mostly manufactured in inventive modern materials to emulate the ivory and horn of now-endangered species. If you’re just starting a collection of bangles, buy a set of gold or silver which will match most items you already own. Then, buy a special, more decorative bangle to mix with the others and add some spice to your wrist.

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