The first person sits by you, and when you get off the train, your leather wallet is gone. The second person queues behind you, and when you check out at the counter, your leather wallet is gone. The third person bumps into you, and when you scream ‘Thief!’, do you think your leather wallet is still safe? It is shame that you bleed for the stolen money, but the most painful stab is that you lose your travel tickets, ID cards, member cards, credit cards and your favourite off-market leather wallet. The next things that you have to do are phone calls, explaining the disaster, cutting old cards, preparing documents, applying for new cards and never finding a same leather wallet again. So, check out the tips below to defend for yourself.

Keep your Leather Wallet Close & Closed

Firstly, you should always put your leather wallet in a closed handbag. If you use open handbags, hug the handbag in your arms so you can see the wallet under your nose. If you do not carry a handbag and must put your leather wallet in a pocket, make sure that it is a zipped pocket or a hidden pocket. Remember to keep the wallet itself closed as well. This is to prevent it from dropping money and cards while you take your leather wallet out.

Fill your Leather Wallet with the Minimum that you Need

Secondly, you certainly need not carry all your credentials with you every day. Leave them at home in a secure box and load the minimum into your leather wallet. Your basic needs would be a social security card, a credit card and a supermarket membership card. Hey, you feel relieved, don’t you?

Pay Attention to your Leather Wallet at all Times

Ultimately, never fall asleep when strangers are around you. By keeping an eye on your leather wallet, you do not offer any opportunities for potential pick-pockets. The even, you can give others advice.

It is not difficult to protect yourself from being pick-pocketed. Just remember keep it close to you at all times, only keep what you absolutely need in it when going out with your wallet and pay close attention to it at all times. Consider these 3 things and you will certainly ensure that the chances of someone pick-pocketing your wallet are next to none. Happy shopping!

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