Everyone has their own personality be it Bright-eyed and innocent, sassy and intriguing, egotistical and autocratic, sexy and confident; and the list goes on. In Sex and the City we are blessed with a healthy portion of exactly what it says on the tin. Plenty of Sex, delivered in a fashion forward, big if lonely city. As a character in the show or even the movie, what Sex & the City bag would you carry? As Sex & the City fashion intrigues fashionistas and feminists all over the world, what kind of handbags do the characters in the show carry? The plot is based on four New York mid-thirties career women, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte, who appreciate frank and cynical dialogues surrounding all sorts. From orgasms and  promiscuity to love and laughter. It is undoubtedly their countless designer handbags, designer shoes, haute couture dresses, suits and gowns that make fashionistas jealous.

Carrie’s Sex and the City Bag

Played by Sarah Jessica Parker, the petite and chic writer chooses handbags that are fun and imaginative and have no code where shape, colour or size is concerned. She has an Eiffel Tower clutch, a feather clutch, a cupcake clutch, a cake box handbag and so on.

Samantha’s Sex and the City Bag

Played by Kim Cattrall, the sexy and adventurous PR picks up fabric handbags that are glamourous and never hesitates to invest in her posh presentation. She owns a red patent leather handbag, a gold snakeskin handbag, a yellow ostrich handbag and many others.

Miranda’s Sex and the City Bag

Played by Cynthia Nixon, the slick and rational lawyer opts for handbags by colour and design and shows professionalism and confidence at all times. She has a silver twister handbag, a gold plaited handbag, a fusion strapped handbag and many more.

Charlotte’s Sex and the City Bag

Played by Kristin Davis, the cute and caring art gallery owner selects her handbags by shape and detail that will refine her elegance and femininity. She owns a quilted leather handbag, a delicate chain shoulder bag and of course, many others.

Each character’s handbag fits her personality, so choose your own Sex and the City fashion handbag and impress everyone in your city.

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