Kate Moss


Kate Moss Says Farewell to Top Shop

So it’s all happening this week – it’s official, Kate Moss will be leaving Top Shop after her fourteenth collection. It seems that Sir Green’s daughter will be joining the company and is planning to eventually…

Met Ball 2009 Red Carpet Gowns

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs hosted the biggest fashion night, Met Ball 2009 in New York, celebrating the annual exhibition of The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum, entitled ‘Model and Muse: Embodying Fashion’. It showcases…

Balenciaga Handbags Delete the Museum Scandal

If you asked me which designer brand can challenge the fashion bloc of haute couture, my answer would be Balenciaga. As a sharp-shooter, Balenciaga has dominated game rules since its launch by the Spanish fashion designer…

Kate Moss Handbag Style

Kate Moss is the most photographed model in fashion history and my favourite fashion leader. She is known for her waifish figure, smoky eye makeup, dyed blonde hair, small breasts and relationships with Johnny Depp and…
Colloquial Bag - Street-Style

What Is An ‘It Bag’?

The ‘It Bag’ is a colloquial term which popped into the fashion industry back in the nineties. An It Bag describes an exclusive handbag at the high-end, designer end of the spectrum which will usually costs…
Supermodel Kate Moss

Pimping A Supermodel

What the hell is “supermodel”? This term emerged in the 1940’s from a modelling agent and in the 1980’s, German model Claudia Schiffer, American model Cindy Crawford, British Models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss propelled the…
Luxury Red Handbag

Red Seduction in Handbag Eden

Do you feel depressed that you are piled by black laptops, white papers and grey faces? Now you don’t have to continue boredom. As long as you get some red hits around you, you will certainly…