Gwen Stefani is a hip-hop and rock n’ roll fashion icon. As early as when she sung with her band No Doubt, her styling in their blockbuster videos, such as ‘Just a Girl’, ‘Spiderwebs’ and ‘Don’t Speak’, brought about storms of excitement among fashionistas. In Gwen Stefani’s solo music videos, such as ‘What you waiting for’, ‘Rich Girl’, ‘Hollaback Girl’, ‘Wind It up’ and ‘The Sweet Escape’, she also showed an extraordinary taste for fashion.

The classic Gwen Stefani fashion style is bleach blonde hair, pale skin and bright red lips. Gwen Stefani loves midriffs, bikinis, hot pants and mini skirts and mentioned her favourite John Galliano gowns in her lyrics. Gwen Stefani even held her wedding with Gavin Rossdale twice so as to wear two different John Galliano gowns. During her pregnancy, she constantly wore blazing kaftans. With two kids Kingston and Zuma, Gwen Stefani fashion styles are still posh and loud. Gwen Stefani designed clothing lines L.A.M.B (Love. Angel. Music. Baby) and Harajuku Lovers and got many celebrities’ immediate endorsements. Have a look at our list of Gwen Stefani fashion bags and update your wardrobe.

Gwen Stefani Fashion Bags Emphasize Functions & Fun

An oversized handbag is functional to load portfolios, folders, books and digital gadgets. Gwen Stefani would put her million-dollar-contracted music scores in her spacious handbags like the yellow buckled handbag, the checked Boston bag, the black punk handbag and the orange handbag. Of course, as a celebrity mum, Gwen Stefani needs large and edgy handbags to pack and arrange baby clothes, diapers, toys, towels and breast pumps. Then, she can happily hold her son in one arm and carry a hold-all in the other arm.

Gwen Stefani Style Bags Have Chic Buckles

Gwen Stefani fashion also means fun. Her handbags are always bright coloured with lots of decorative buckle straps. I especially like her rainbow handbag which cheers up conservative suits and dull life. Gwen Stefani chooses handbags made of mixed fabrics like leather, cloth and PVC which come together as an even greater mixed ensemble. She usually completes a flirtatious silhouette with a designer dress and a metallic clutch bag.

Whether on or off the stage, Gwen Stefani’s rock-meets-feminine clothing and handbags are perfect examples of how to do it ‘a-la-rock’. Now, go get yourself a Gwen Stefani fashion bag and watch how you glow.

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