Critics on Keira Knightley often suggest that she is nothing more than a pretty face, but I doubt that she deserves to be a hottie. I hate her vampire teeth and anorexic skeleton, which destroy sexiness of waifish figures and small breasts. The Keira Knightley style is basically fake. Keira Knightley resembles Natalie Portman with special makeup from certain angles, so she casted with Natalie Portman in ‘Star Wars’. However, Keira Knightley is a coarse duplicate and even dates Rupert Friend, who is a substitute of Orlando Bloom. What really annoys me is that Keira Knightley with such poor acting could have exclusive handbags and gowns in her films ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘Dead Man’s Chest’, ‘At World’s End’, ‘King Arthur’ and ‘The Duchess’ and get awards by her roles in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Atonement’. Not to mention Keira Knightley’s participation in Vogue magazine cover with Scarlett Johansson and Tom Ford and endorsement for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume were completely failures. If you are interested to know whether Keira Knightley style handbags are failures or not, don’t miss the ,collection below.

Keira Knightley Style Handbags Are Dodgy

The Keira Knightley style is a bit dodgy. If she takes a handbag, she prefers to use its shoulder straps rather than hold it in hands. Her look of a dark outfit and a metallic handbag seemed alright, but her silhouette of a blue dress and a bright orange shoulder bag made a quirky contrast. She should carry a red handbag or a white handbag instead. Keira Knightley is so weird a woman that  she once walked on bare feet on the street in a hideous butterfly dress with a brown handbag and sun glasses.

Keira Knightley Style Handbags Are Oversized

Keira Knightley likes oversized bags, such as the posh Louis Vuitton handbag and the popular Anya Hindmarch shopper bag. But sometimes her outfits look messy. She would pair a patterned handbag and a gaudy floral dress or match a stripped shopper bag and a stripped scarf. The best Keira Knightley style presentation is probably the outfit of a statement leather handbag along with a casual dress and simple jewelry.

Keira Knightley commented to media that she always feels like she’s the one with everything to prove. Although she hasn’t proved her profession in acting, the Keira Knightley fashion style can inspire ideas or make cautions for choosing handbags.

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